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IMSA meeting in Beijing
meeting On December 14 in Beijing the meeting of International Mind Sports Association (IMSA) was held in the framework of SportAccord World Mind Games. The leaders of the World Bridge Federation (WBF), International Go Federation (IGF), World Chess Federation (FIDE)and World Draughts Federation (FMJD) participated in the meeting. The FIDE President in details reported on his vision of mind sports development for the nearest future. As it was noted by the meeting attendees, the FIDE President’s suggestions meet the demands, which IMSA faces today. Earlier, the Chinese Mind Sports Association sent an official appeal to the President of FIDE, offering Mr. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov to take part in the election of the president
of IMSA.
Source : FIDE official site -
Report of the Day 1 of Rapid
IMG 7419The first round of the chess rapid tournament  SportAccord Mind Games in Beijing got under way on the 14th of December 2012 after FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and Director General of SportAccord Vincent Gaillard made first symbolic moves  1.e4 e5 in the game Morozevich-Aronian. After that the players decided to switch to 1.d4 Nf6 and, as everyone was expecting, played a spectacular game, which eventually finished in a draw.
Opening ceremony
IMG 6881 The opening ceremony of 2012 SportAccord World Mind Games took place on 12th of December. The Games are now officially open but the chess players will start to play on 14th of December. The event took place in the Beijing International Convention Center. Pictures from the ceremony are here.
School visit
IMG 7167 While participants of Mind Games were enjoying a day-off before the start of the tournament, the special visit, which is a part of the Social, Cultural and Educational Programme of 2012 SportAccord World Mind Games, was organized by SportAccord. The representation of Chess went to Dinbgfuzhuang middle school No. 4. The Chess Grand Masters Peter Heine Nielsen and Bartek Heberla, FIDE Secretary General Ignacius Leong, SportAccord Council Member Espen Lund, SportAccord Multi-Sports Games Unit Director David Nivelle were among those who took a tour of the school, met the students and learned about the system of  teaching the game of Chess there. Chess became the regular lesson in that school since 1993 and once per week pupils have a chess lesson. The two Grand Masters gave a simultaneous on 26 boards. One of 10 years old students defeated Nielsen. As Peter explained after the end of the game he had two extra pawns in the ending but blundered a rook. His little opponent changed all the pawns and pieces and confidently mated Grand Master with rook and king.  All other games were won by GMs. Peter and Bartek said that the average level of Chess of those kids is high and maybe it was not an accident that Peter Heine Nielsen lost one game against the little talented girl, who might become another Women World Champion from China. Pictures are here.
SportAccord World Mind Games - General information
SportAccord Mind Games will be held in Beijing, China between the 12th of December and 20th December 2012.

The World Mind Games was held for the first time in 2008 and consisted of 5 disciplines: chess, bridge, draughts (checkers), go, and xiangqi (Chinese chess).
Since the last year the World Mind Games organized and held by a famous and respectable organization called SportAccord. SportAccord is the umbrella organization for both Olympic and non-Olympic sports as well as a major organizers of conferences and sporting events.

The elite selection of invited participants and solid prizes are important features of the event.

This year the top seeds in the men section are Levon Aronian (former World Blitz Champion and World  no.2) , Teimour Radjabov, Sergey Karyakin (World Rapid Champion 2012), former World Champion Veselin Topalov, Alexander grischuk (World Blitz Champion 2012) and other GMs with a rating over 2700 ELO.

The strongest Chinese player Wang Hao, who also became the winner in a rapid tournament of the Mind games 2011, will alybody is wo take part in the tournament this year.

The strongest women chess players in the World will play in the Women’s event - among them former World Champions Hou Yifan, Antoaneta Stefanova, Alexandra Kosteniuk, Zhu Chen, as well as other top-players. It is also worth mentioning, that Alexandra Kosteniuk and Antoaneta Stefanova were the winners of the 1-st Mind Games  – in blitz and rapid  respectively. Alexandra also got another gold in rapid in 2011.

Hou Yifan became the strongest in blitz and blindfold in 2011.

Everybody is welcome to follow the live transmission, news and pictures on our website.

SCHEDULE (Beijing Time)

Wednesday 12th December 2012 OPENING CEREMONY
Thursday 13th December 2012 Rest Day
Friday 14th December 2012 14:00 - Rounds 1-3 Rapid Chess
Saturday 15th December 2012 14:00 - Rounds 4-7 Rapid Chess
Sunday 16th December 2012 14:00 - Rounds 1-15 Blitz Chess
Monday 17th December 2012 14:00 - Rounds 16-30 Blitz Chess
Tuesday 18th December 2012 14:00 - Rounds 1-4 Blindfold Chess
Wednesday 19th December 2012 14:00 - Rounds 5-7 Blindfold Chess
Thursday 20th December 2012 DEPARTURE

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