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School visit
IMG 7167 While participants of Mind Games were enjoying a day-off before the start of the tournament, the special visit, which is a part of the Social, Cultural and Educational Programme of 2012 SportAccord World Mind Games, was organized by SportAccord. The representation of Chess went to Dinbgfuzhuang middle school No. 4. The Chess Grand Masters Peter Heine Nielsen and Bartek Heberla, FIDE Secretary General Ignacius Leong, SportAccord Council Member Espen Lund, SportAccord Multi-Sports Games Unit Director David Nivelle were among those who took a tour of the school, met the students and learned about the system of  teaching the game of Chess there. Chess became the regular lesson in that school since 1993 and once per week pupils have a chess lesson. The two Grand Masters gave a simultaneous on 26 boards. One of 10 years old students defeated Nielsen. As Peter explained after the end of the game he had two extra pawns in the ending but blundered a rook. His little opponent changed all the pawns and pieces and confidently mated Grand Master with rook and king.  All other games were won by GMs. Peter and Bartek said that the average level of Chess of those kids is high and maybe it was not an accident that Peter Heine Nielsen lost one game against the little talented girl, who might become another Women World Champion from China. Pictures are here.
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